Friday, April 10, 2015

Requiem Sonata 1 and Curse of the Eel 3 on sale at Fluke 4/11/15

Guess who has new books! No it's me! I'll have these 2 for sale, as well as other comics for sale at Fluke in Athens, Georgia tomorrow! Come by if you like, and any unsold books will be added to my bigcartel store after the show! I'll also be doing sketches if anyone would like one, so if you're a fan of my sketches of the day and are in the neighborhood, come on by!

Curse of the Eel is about a goth girl named Connie who is being terrorized by bullies. One day, seeking shelter from them in an abandoned house in the woods, she accidentally summons up an Eldritch-like Eel creature that is like the monsters she has loved to read about since she was little. Can the Eel make her life better, or is it just another nuisance that Connie has to put up with every day?

Requiem Sonata is about a famous classical pianist named Zhi. She has traveled the world playing Mozart, Schumann, all of the greats and she is loved for her skills. After a bizarre performance, Zhi's body is found at the bottom of a bay. Detective Simoné, an ardent fan of Zhi's, takes up the case to discover why her favorite musician died.

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