Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Curse of the Eel Ch 6 pgs 1-5 Inked

It's been too long since I had a comic update! Since I can't really show what I'm working on for publishers or for pitches, I'll share my most recent inks of Curse of the Eel. If you'd like to see the pencils for these pages, click HERE.

Inking Curse of the Eel is the most fun. I use a Raphael #3 brush to do most of my lines and that allows me to ink fast and expressively. I've started using Zebra brush pens to help me do fine lines, just because I want spare my wrist since my day job in graphic design is also demanding of my wrist. I'm inking as always on Stillman and Birn Beta paper, the surface is super accepting of pencil and ink and I've still yet to find a paper that is as much fun to ink on as it is to pencil on.

This was a fun chapter for Eel, I got to delve into some of the actual horror stuff that's been brewing since chapter 1. I got to draw 2 monsters in this issue, so I'm happy. I didn't think I was so into horror when I started Eel, but I've become really fond of it now. I still listen to H.P. Lovecraft audiobooks to set the mood while I'm working. These are also the places where I get to play with my comic skills. I don't really get the chance to on my other projects so my own projects are where I can try weird things and see how the experiments go! Like that 4th page, I hope you enjoy that one!

Thanks for the read and hope you like the pages!