Saturday, January 23, 2021

Curse of the Eel Chapter 14

 Today I began posting chapter 14 of Curse of the Eel on Tapastic and Tumblr, and I'll be adding a link to my menu to those pages so people can read them. This chapter was a little hard for me, I was trying to draw it while being having my tank completely on empty. I just had little to no energy to do any real drawing, and anything I did draw didn't look right or just looked less than what I want or expect from my art. It's a sucky thought process, but that poisonous mindset really hobbled me in 2020.


Thankfully, new year brings new beginnings, and while I've never been as busy as I am now with projects, new jobs, and new energy, I'm finally feeling a bit like my younger self who just wanted to draw to make people smile or cry with my weird comics. Today Curse of the Eel returns after a short hiatus, and chapter 14 marks the beginning of the end; this comic that I thought would be 2 graphic novels is now half way through book 3, and I'm really proud of it. I've also learned how much these characters mean to people and that is an honor I can't even begin to comprehend, but one that I'm grateful for. If this comic can bring a smile to someone without one, then it was worth every second it took to dream up. I hope this new chapter finds you all well and that you have a great day, and if not, I hope Eel can lift your spirits if even for a bit.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

My favorite works from 2020

 Hey all, 2020 was no joke, a complete nightmare. I wasn't really prepared for how much quarantine and the politics of last year would drive my mental health into the ground like a spike. I'm doing better this year, but I'm still finding it hard to make work with everything going on. Either way, I'll share some of my favorite works that I created last year, comics or otherwise.

Here's to a better 2021!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Spencer & Locke 2 is Nominated for a Ringo Award!

 Hey y'all, I hope you're doing well in the quarantine/world being on fire. The state of things has left a lot of people feeling depressed and this summer has been super hard to concentrate on making the comics. There have been a few bright spots, but it's hard to celebrate anything knowing that people are suffering out there. But this post isn't about my depression, it's about spreading some hopefully good vibes? Seriously though, stay safe and keep spreading good, the world needs it!

But yeah, I got the email about this years Ringo Award Nominations, and I must have been exhausted because I didn't even notice Spencer and Locke on it, but we were nominated for Best Single Issue for Volume 2 Issue 1!

I'll include some of my inks for that issue, which was a very different experience than drawing the first issue of volume 1. I decided to try using G-pens and other Japanese art tools because I wanted this issue to have a more scratchy gritty feel since we're essentially jumping into a war story. It was a lot of fun to play with these tools again, having left them aside for brushes at SCAD, but now I use a hybrid of both when I'm making comics. My tools on these are: Deleter G-pens, Zebra brush pens, Raphael watercolor brushes, Yasutomo Sumi Ink, and Pentel Hybrid Technica pens on Stillman & Birn Zeta paper.

Our team on this book is:

David Pepose - Writer

Me - Pencils and Inks

Jasen Smith - Colors

Colin Bell - Letters

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Curse of the Eel Volume 2

Hello all, I hope you're all doing well despite the quarantine and all the other craziness going on in the world. Unfortunately a number of the shows I was planning to attend this year have been postponed, which is the safe thing to do of course, it's just a bit of a bummer. However, I did get my restock of Curse of the Eel Volume 1 as well as my brand spanking new Volume 2! This book collects chapters 7-11 of the comic that began as my thesis and has become the flagship title that shows people how I write and draw my own stories!

Curse of the Eel is about a goth girl named Connie whom, in volume 1, accidentally summons an Eldritch creature known as the Eel to earth. In volume 2, things have taken a turn for the worse as the cult responsible for all of the madness in Connie's life is making big strides in their dark plan. The question is, will Connie be able to do anything about it, especially now that it looks like she and the Eel are turning into one being?

You can pick up the volumes from my store HERE! I'll still be shipping despite the quarantine, but I'll only be shipping at the end of each week, just to stay safe myself. Also, because this is a crazy time and I appreciate your support, each order with an Eel book will get a free bonus illustration of Eel eating a different food! I'll include some of the ones I've already done here to show what they look like!

Thank you for reading and take care! I'll have more art to post soon!

Volume 2 Cover!

Chapter 7 that I love!

Chapter 8 page of horror!

Chapter 9 page that I'm quite proud of! Environmental storytelling!!

Chapter 10 page of the cult person showing their power and fury!

Chapter 11 page that summarizes Eel and Connie's relationship

Eel Bonus Art: Dippin' Dots!

Eel Bonus Art: Okonomiyaki!

Eel Bonus Art: Buffalo Wings!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Curse of the Eel Ch12 Art and CONVENTION UPDATES

Hey ya'll, making a quick update to my schedule so far! I'll be attending two conventions for sure this year:

SC Comic Con in March in Greenville, South Carolina
MomoCon in May in Atlanta, Georgia

Check my social media for my table numbers! And now, here's some art because I'm trying to get as much done between freelance work and my new teaching gig. I'm also teaching now, that's a new development!

This is a pretty important moment for Frank, who has been questioning his sexuality since chapter 3. Holy crap, that was 8 chapters ago... Love is the most powerful feeling ever, and it conquers all. Take care and I hope you'll enjoy the next update when it comes up!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Curse of the Eel volume 2 cover!

Hello everyone! A lack of updates to this site means I've mainly been working on freelance works that I can't really share, but it's good to be busy! I've also been doing my best to keep up with all my original comics, and Curse of the Eel volume 2 is almost ready to go! Here is my process for this cover and some of my thoughts on it.

Curse of the Eel is my take on a modern day world where eldritch creatures and magic wind up in the hands of some odd peoples. Connie is a goth girl who is bullied at high school, and the only person she's able to trust/talk with, is the weird Cthulhu-ish Eel monster that she accidentally summoned. Unfortunately for Connie, Eel isn't the only weird eldritch abomination wandering the halls of her school and the woods of the surrounding area.

This comic was my thesis for my MFA and has been running for 5 years at this point, and I'm working on the 12th chapter as we speak! It's actually doing well on sites like Tapastic and Smackjeeves.

For this cover, I wanted to mirror the first volume cover but also showing that the earth and the Eel's realm are being smashed together, and the thin veneer keeping the worlds separate are cracking, hence the fun glass cracks!

As always, inked with my Raphael 8404 #3 brush with Yasutomo sumi ink on Stillman & Birn Beta Paper.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Paper Champion pencils and inks

Hello! Another long lapse in posts, but here is a freelance comic I illustrated earlier in the year for Jeff Morris titled "Paper Champion." This is a highly personal story for Jeff and I was happy that he approached me to draw the comic for him! You can read the comic, fully colored and lettered on his website:

Script: Jeff Morris
Pencils & Inks: Me
Colors: Emily Elmer Walker
Letters: Micah Myers

These pages were drawn on Stillman & Birn paper and inked with Deleter Nibs with Sumi Ink.