Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Calla of the Sea Cover Colored

The cover has been colored. I have to state again, color is not my strong suit and I struggle against it constantly, but I did my best to convey the idea of the comic without over-rendering it or just losing any sense of subtlety.

Also, super thanks to my friend Melody Ledford who created the brush I used to get the lighting and shadow effects. She used it on her art better than I did, but it sure did make conveying different layers of depth a whole lot easier. Check out her art at:

Now to head home and get this thing into a pdf!

UPDATE: Added the file with the title and my name.

Calla of the City Cover Inked

I inked this yesterday and started working on the colors and forgot to post it. Here it is; I really think the china marker brings this image together. I inked it with my Raphael 8404 almost completely, mainly to give it a sense of the buildings covered with algae and other settling elements. This was also a chance to play with fun composition and more explicitly show the city wasteland that isn't really important to the main plot of Calla of the Sea but one that I feel gives the story an added element of dread.

I also like that this image could be either be the start of the story, or even the end, with Calla finding a new boat with potential love interests. Oh ambiguousness.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Calla of the Sea Cover Pencils

I need to take Calla to the printers soon, but because of school and other things I've not had a ton of time to dedicate to a cover. I painted one before but I think this is more interesting. I'll try to ink and color it before the 28th so I can get to an early bird discount at my local printer. The inks will be coming soon!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calla of the Sea colors

In my spare time between classes I've been working on coloring Calla of the Sea. Compared to the work I did in my digital coloring class at SCAD, I think I've gotten a lot better at rendering and color choices. It definitely helps when you draw figures and objects with a definite volume, which I didn't really grasp at the time I took the class.

I think this is a positive step in the direction of being acceptable in all the areas of comic making. Now to see if I can keep it up. Also thanks to all of my SCAD friends who gave me advice on coloring these pages. You guys really helped me push it further than I thought I was pushing it.

Also I don't remember if I mentioned this when I posted the inks, but I made this comic for SEQAPunch's comic anthology and it was chosen as one of the featured comics in the book! Check out their site: and maybe get a copy of the anthologies!