Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When I Draw

One of my silly little one page comics. I'm posting this up just to keep the site sort of updated. I could post up more sketches of the day but I'd rather have more comics on here. I am working on some test pages but I don't think I have permission to post them up here. So yeah, I'm doing stuff, I swear!

I drew this after an all night comics binge. I penciled 2 pages rather quickly and I think it's owed to good thumbnails and a blazing hot playlist. Music is so important to get me into the state of making comics that if I don't work to music, I go a lot slower and over-think things. I can get small things going, like commissions at a convention, but for me to dive into the scene I'm drawing in a comic, having some good mood music really helps .

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heroes Con & The New West, Li pages 1-2 pencils

Here are the first two pages of pencils for a summer project I'm playing with. Right now I'm just trying to work on conveying form with my pencils. Before I would just draw a shape and be happy with it, but I wasn't really implying form the way I should have. I'm finding its in the curves, like the way you draw an eye ball, you can draw a curved line easily but to make a line that implies a round form is something I needed to work with in my pencils. I'm doing my best to incorporate it here with everything and while they're not perfect I think this are my most successful pencils to date. At least to me anyhow.

I also just wanted something new in my portfolio for Heroes Con which is this weekend. I'll actually be sharing a table in the Artist Alley with Mike Freiheit at AA-1113. Check out his artwork, it's really cool! I'll be selling copies of Calla of the Sea, The Feat of Nobody and Portraits of Mom, as well as doing any commissions I can. If you're coming by please stop by and say hi!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Man Up, Digital Comic

Here's my Thrillbent style digital comic, tentatively titled: Man Up. This was my project for studio 3 this spring and I am both proud and not proud of it. Proud because I completed it, despite surgery woes and all that I managed to complete the project. Also because I think I finally nailed digital coloring, or at least finding a way that works for me that is both efficient and sufficient.

Not proud because of the inks, they need work. A LOT of work, but this was an experiment in more loose inking so while it's not where I plan to have my inks in the future, it was a good learning experience.

This is the first 10 screens of this comic, I may do more depending. Although I hope you enjoy this little experiment in digital storytelling.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sketch of the Day 5-31-13: Wesker

Another late post sketch of the day: Albert Wesker! I had fun with this one which has been the point of these sketches. I spend so much of my day worrying about stuff, be it art, bills, school, etc, that it's nice to just draw a picture and be like "there, I got that out of my system." So while these aren't gonna be perfect, they're meant for me to cut loose. Like I wouldn't probably pencil this rough in a comic page, but why not play with it here?