Monday, March 13, 2017

Requiem Sonata Ch4 Preview

I finished another chapter of Requiem Sonata, and it took me forever to do, but this book is so near my heart that I have to do it. So I finally exhausted all of the pages of the 9x12 Stillman and Birn Alpha sketchbook that I was drawing it in, and all future pages will be drawn on 11x14 or 15 inch Alpha paper. The reason is, my hand and wrist pains have gotten pretty bad in the last couple of months, so to allow my wrist more room to work and ease its burden, I'm switching to a larger paper for these detailed pages. I'm happy to work at this size, and I'm actually working a lot faster because of it, so know your tools, dear readers aspiring to do comics! Knowing your tools is as important as knowing how to draw, because your tools will impact your ability, believe it or not.

So here are some pages from chapter 4, where Requiem gets more dark before taking steps toward the end. I hope my readers enjoy it and find the story fun!

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Spencer and Locke, which is my first comic to ever be published widely. I didn't write it, I did the art, so if you want to see me draw a detective with an imaginary panther for a partner, give it a look! Here's a link to some preview pages.

Tools: Deleter G-pen and Saji Pen for most of the main lines, and Pentel Color brush for fills
Paper: Stillman and Birn Alpha paper