Thursday, May 29, 2014

Curse of the Eel, chapter 2 pencils 1-5

Guess who's back and with a bunch of pages to share?! No, it's me. I've been working hard this quarter, my last quarter at SCAD. Partly I'm sad to go, but mainly I'm ready to Shawshank Redemption it and tear my shirt off and stare up at the rain.
Back to comics though, I've been working hard to get chapter 2 of my thesis comic ready to go for Heroes Con. Also I think I've settled on a name: The Curse of the Eel. Sounds like fun I hope! Here's to more Lovecraft inspired fun with my favorite goth and her annoying friend Eel. These pages I made trying my best to top the first chapter and improving on all my weaknesses, one of which is texture. I had a great portfolio review with Mike Martz this quarter and he said the work is good, I just need to pay more attention to texture. So I accumulated my favorite texture artists and started studying their powers. I've been trying to Frank Quitely all over these pages and I hope it looks more refined than before. I plan to go back and add some to the first chapter of the book too. My goal is to have both chapters in black and white for Heroes Con in one 40 page book.

Oh yeah, I'll be at Heroes Con this June, sharing a table with one of my best friends and comic warriors, Crystal Jayme. Come by our tables for comics, prints, commissions, and dances if you purchase a lot. Seriously, I'll dance if you buy things. Try me!

Anyhow, I have one more page almost ready to go into my final project for class, so I'm gonna get to work on that. Have a great day, because the age of comics is almost upon us!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Instagram Sketchbook 1

Some of my favorite images from my Instagram. I thought I should share these for people who don't follow it, cuz I think they're kinda nice.