Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Studio 2 Pencil Pages

 Pencilled pages from my Studio 2 class. We were given a script to work from and here are 4 out of the 5 pages that are finished. I will post the fifth page and some inked ones soon.

This project was a big step forward in two areas: storytelling and rendering. Storytelling wise, this comic just fell together rather easily. All of the problems I had before with camera placement and cluttered panels have left and I'm pulling back a lot more. I'm using more low angle and high angle shots to make each moment more interesting, and I'm using camera movement here better than I have in the past.

As far as rendering, I'm getting the hang of developing a character's volume in a 2D plane and I think I've done some of the best pencilling I've done thus far. Of course I'm not 100% happy with these but these are a definite step in a good direction.

The story here is that the man and woman have broken up and are fighting over who gets the cat. There's more to it than that, but I hope some of that is evident from the art.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Closing Time Page One Pencils

Pencils for page one of another three page short. I'm doing these on my own outside of class so I can really get used to drawing this comic. This one in particular will be me focusing on drawing environments and vehicles. Sean Murphy suggested I do  this as an exercise and so far it's pretty fun. The hardest part was designing the motorbike that Adalia rides.

And no I'm still not used to calling her Adalia. Okay, time to write a script and then work on school work more!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sketchbook update

 Here are the drawings I did yesterday as part of my adventure into the real world. The first image is from my trip to get food at IHOP. Needless to say, there were not a lot of people there and my server wouldn't stop moving so I just drew fixtures and objects. There were like 6 servers in the place but they all camped out of sight so I couldn't draw them at all...

The second and third images were when I went to the cafe in Barnes and Nobel. It's mostly heads and torsos because there is a lot of waist level stuff that blocks a full body view. But I did my best to snag a full body drawing when I could. It was fun but also worrisome when I'd meet someone's gaze or if someone walked too close to me while I was drawing. I don't think it's illegal but at the same time I don't need any trouble.
 Well, that was my fun time out and about yesterday. I got some travel sized watercolors and colored pencils yesterday too (I was really having fun) so the next time I make an excursion out to coffee shops or the parks I'll try to bring some color sketches to show. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

S(ave) O(ur) S(ouls) Pencils and Danica's Name

 Here are the pencils for another Hibrida short story called "S(ave) O(ur) S(ouls)." I didn't render these as much as I've done in the past because I wasn't planning to do as much black shadowing on these. I wanted to do simple line art and do an ink wash for the ocean. I'll color these too as well. Just need a better tablet.

I did these pages in a 6 panel grid so I could force myself to think up more interesting and dynamic shots. I think this exercise has really improved my thumbnails on other works.

Also, I'm going to change Danica's name. As much as I love the name, which means morning star and I thought was appropriate for this story, there's a race car driver person named Danica and I've been advised to changed it so I will. I'll post here when I have a name cemented. Have a good weekend!