Monday, May 27, 2013

Sketch of the Day: 5-19-13: Cyclops

This is already on my tumblr, but that site is a lot easier to update when I'm not at my personal computer. So I'm a bit behind on posting my sketches of the day, so here's one that has gotten good reception (for one of my drawings anyhow). I've been really loving Stuart Immonen's work on All New X-Men so I wanted to give original Cyclops a try, and  here are the results.

This is one of the few where I didn't have to labor on it for very long. Aside from some anatomy hiccups and trying to figure out what to do with his left arm, this one came together rather quickly. I penciled this in a pad of paper I brought with me from Texas, it's sort of cream colored and I decided to use it on these sketches of the day so I don't waste the pad. I do wish it has more tooth to it like the paper I pencil on, or one of the vellum Stillman and Birns' I love so much. I usually pencil really cleanly so getting to rough things up with the pencil was a lot of fun.

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