Friday, August 24, 2012

Flowers for Venus Pencils wave 1

Here are the first 8 pages of pencils for Flowers for Venus. While I will print this up in the end game, the ultimate goal is for these pages to be read on a tablet or a computer so I hope the flow and panel counts make sense when that's kept in mind. I pencilled these on Stillman and Birn Gamma paper, 11x14 which was just big enough to fit into my carry-on while I was away. Penciled in F lead, I played around with using blue line (both shades) for my character underdrawings and I had mixed results. The non photo blue is too light for me to really make a good drawing call on and the blue col-erase lead is so dark that it's hard to remove with erasing or even adjusting the curves in photoshop. I may just stick with my 2H pencil and F lead holder for these, as that's what feels most natural.

I hope these make for an interesting read!

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