Monday, August 6, 2012

Comic Journal and Sketchbook update

Here's another comic journal. This one is a bit late, but I haven't had access to a scanner in a while. This one is from July 18, 2012. I still think its funny though.
 The rest of these are drawings of people that I've been inking with Microns. I'm having fun doing quick ink studies with the pens in my sketchbook. Before my goal was just to practice drawing people for anatomy's sake, but with these I was aiming more for how I would take a live model and simplify their features into a form I would like to draw in a comic. These are my steps in discovering my personal art style.

I wish I had brought my brushes with me, but this was still fun exercise.

 My favorite director, Christopher Nolan.
Some of my childhood heroes.

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