Saturday, April 7, 2012

S(ave) O(ur) S(ouls) Pencils and Danica's Name

 Here are the pencils for another Hibrida short story called "S(ave) O(ur) S(ouls)." I didn't render these as much as I've done in the past because I wasn't planning to do as much black shadowing on these. I wanted to do simple line art and do an ink wash for the ocean. I'll color these too as well. Just need a better tablet.

I did these pages in a 6 panel grid so I could force myself to think up more interesting and dynamic shots. I think this exercise has really improved my thumbnails on other works.

Also, I'm going to change Danica's name. As much as I love the name, which means morning star and I thought was appropriate for this story, there's a race car driver person named Danica and I've been advised to changed it so I will. I'll post here when I have a name cemented. Have a good weekend!

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