Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shop Romance page 3 inks and sketches

The last page of the short story Shop Romance inked. I'll try to color and letter it quickly but I wouldn't expect it soon. I'll post other pages as well. This page was pretty fun to do, although it's not perfect I learned a lot from experimenting and playing around.

The other pages are from my sketchbook, just pages I feel like sharing. The first is a page with Damon Albarn of Gorillaz and Blur fame as well as some poses and notes for a project for class I'm working on. I'm still refining my thumbnails so here are some of the plans for shot choices.

The bottom image is a bunch of head sketches trying to find a face I like for a new character for Hibrida Prima. As you can see, there's more failures on this image than success but I thought this page showed a lot of the preliminary stages I'm taking for drawing heads. I'm still working on adding volume and shape to the heads, but that one with the shading I think shows it's helping.

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