Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sketchbook update

 Here are the drawings I did yesterday as part of my adventure into the real world. The first image is from my trip to get food at IHOP. Needless to say, there were not a lot of people there and my server wouldn't stop moving so I just drew fixtures and objects. There were like 6 servers in the place but they all camped out of sight so I couldn't draw them at all...

The second and third images were when I went to the cafe in Barnes and Nobel. It's mostly heads and torsos because there is a lot of waist level stuff that blocks a full body view. But I did my best to snag a full body drawing when I could. It was fun but also worrisome when I'd meet someone's gaze or if someone walked too close to me while I was drawing. I don't think it's illegal but at the same time I don't need any trouble.
 Well, that was my fun time out and about yesterday. I got some travel sized watercolors and colored pencils yesterday too (I was really having fun) so the next time I make an excursion out to coffee shops or the parks I'll try to bring some color sketches to show. Thanks for looking!

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