Friday, March 23, 2012

Shop Romance Pencils

This is a short story for Hibrida Prima. I wanted to keep busy over my spring break so I scripted 5 shorts that I'll try to finish before June so I can show them at any cons I go to.

I really wanted to use these to try and develop not just Danica but the universe and the status quo therein. I'm hoping that these will serve as a good introduction to the Hibrida Prima worlds and people so it will be rather familiar to anyone who sticks around for the actual books. This will also help give some back story on some of the alien races as well as tell some quick fun and touching stories in a funky sci fi world.

Oh, this will also be great practice for me. I'm exercising muscles I recently began flexing during my Winter quarter at SCAD. The biggest two being anatomical mass and using graphic black shapes to define that mass as well as aid in storytelling. Honestly, these are things that seem to obvious to work on but it takes a pro to smack you (me) in the head and help me figure this stuff out. And I think these pages are already looking better than most of the work I've done thus far.

Hopefully I'll have these inked by Sunday and I'll post those. I'll also wow/horrify you all with my coloring. Until then!

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