Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When I Draw

One of my silly little one page comics. I'm posting this up just to keep the site sort of updated. I could post up more sketches of the day but I'd rather have more comics on here. I am working on some test pages but I don't think I have permission to post them up here. So yeah, I'm doing stuff, I swear!

I drew this after an all night comics binge. I penciled 2 pages rather quickly and I think it's owed to good thumbnails and a blazing hot playlist. Music is so important to get me into the state of making comics that if I don't work to music, I go a lot slower and over-think things. I can get small things going, like commissions at a convention, but for me to dive into the scene I'm drawing in a comic, having some good mood music really helps .

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