Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heroes Con & The New West, Li pages 1-2 pencils

Here are the first two pages of pencils for a summer project I'm playing with. Right now I'm just trying to work on conveying form with my pencils. Before I would just draw a shape and be happy with it, but I wasn't really implying form the way I should have. I'm finding its in the curves, like the way you draw an eye ball, you can draw a curved line easily but to make a line that implies a round form is something I needed to work with in my pencils. I'm doing my best to incorporate it here with everything and while they're not perfect I think this are my most successful pencils to date. At least to me anyhow.

I also just wanted something new in my portfolio for Heroes Con which is this weekend. I'll actually be sharing a table in the Artist Alley with Mike Freiheit at AA-1113. Check out his artwork, it's really cool! I'll be selling copies of Calla of the Sea, The Feat of Nobody and Portraits of Mom, as well as doing any commissions I can. If you're coming by please stop by and say hi!

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