Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sketchbook update 11-21-12

Haven't done this in a while! I was so busy with school this last quarter I haven't had time to really dedicate to people drawing, which is one of my new hobbies. So here's the work I did yesterday.

The black and white images I inked with a brush pen. I bought this thing a year ago and had yet to even use it. I found it's great for sketching and doing quick inks but I don't know if I trust it as much as an actual brush. It was fun to play with so maybe. I DO have a package of brushes heading my way so we'll see.

The color images were done with a set of watercolor pencils I bought at a sale at the art store I frequent. I love Faber Castell so I gave them a trial run and they're pretty fun. I don't think I'll get rid of my tubes of Grumbacher but these are a fun and portable alternative.

Well that's all for this update. I'm now setting to work on two short stories, one a western called "The Trials of Nobody" and the other a mermaid story called "Calla of the Sea." Here's my design for Calla, at least as far as I have her so far.

Hope this intrigues anyone who might like to see more short stories from me. I'm trying to keep busy this winter break, especially so I can try and fill my portfolio with more professional level stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for taking a look!

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