Friday, November 16, 2012

No Pressure and Fall 2012

Hello all, I apologize for a lack of updates but this passed quarter has been rather full and eventful. My classes ended yesterday, and I've learned and grown a LOT this quarter. I'm looking forward to doing some fun stress relieving art for the holidays, but here is a comic I finished for finals.

I did well on this, even though I had a bit of a false start at the beginning with this project. I'm still working on getting better at writing but my grades have gone up as far as the art goes. I'm still working on a what tool to use for my inking so perhaps this winter break will help me answer that question.

I also finished a 10 page comic for the Black Belt Challenge. I barely made the deadline and even then I had to print the book much smaller than it should have been. I'll be more prepared for the next challenge and I'll come back with a great piece of work. I'll post those pages later in a separate post.

Also I reaaally like drawing likenesses for characters. Marlon Brando was a lot of fun to interpret into how I draw. 


  1. Whoahhhh, fantastic inking and I love their faces!

    1. Thank you! This one was a lot of fun, and I'm finally getting used to the brush. It's all forward from here!


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