Saturday, May 19, 2012

Editor's Day Report

 Yesterday was SCAD Savannah's editors day, where editors from 10 different publishers came to give advice and portfolio reviews. I had three reviews yesterday: Rebecca Taylor of Archaia, Sana Amanat of Marvel, and Mark Doyle of Vertigo. Twas a long drive but I got some really good advice from these three, and I can't thank them enough. I'm hoping they'll return next year and I can show them pages 10x better than what I showed them.

I took 15 pages with me, the inks for the short story "Shop Romance," a page of pencils for "Closing Time" and these 5 pages of a Hibrida Prima pitch project for class; not including the teaser, I took the pencils and inks for these 5.

The pages I'm posting here do include the advice that I was given. I think it really helped me shave off as much of the rough edges as I could manage. Back to work then!

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