Friday, January 6, 2023

Variant Cover for Sidekick for Hire issue 5

This is a project I finished at the end of last year, but I got the opportunity to draw a variant cover for the 5th issue of Sidekick for Hire, a really interesting take on superheroes by Kristian Herrera & Rick Alves! After reading the existing issues and the script for the 5th, I really wanted to focus on Sasha (she ended up as my favorite character in the series) and so I came up with this cover concept. 

I tend to color my covers a lot lately, which is interesting. This cover did come out well in terms of what I envisioned and what I was able to do, and it was a very color-centric approach, with the lighting and the effects. I hope you dig it, and please support the 5th issue which will be on Kickstarter soon! The Pre-launch link is here:

Now to take a look at my process for it. I used a Zebra brush pen and the Pentel Color Brush on Stillman & Birn Zeta paper, and it's colored in Photoshop.

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