Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6/30 Urban Sketching: Landscape

Here are the 2 stages of the landscape I drew yesterday. I was outside a Barnes and Noble in Marietta, and it wasn’t the ideal spot/layout/drawing/etc. I’m happy I finished it, just cuz my initial response was “oh wow this is messed up, just stop and do something else.” Which is a voice in my head I need to work on silencing.Overall, twas a fun experiment. I just inked everything in with no pencil underdrawing then added in watercolor for fun.

Kuretake brush pens for the majority, which were great cuz they’re waterproof like champs. I used a Pentel Hybrid Technica in spots, and it was great too, but it wasn’t as waterproof and shifted a little. I’m happy though, its an interesting texture. All of this was done on 11x17 Stillman and Birn Beta paper.

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