Friday, June 26, 2015

Post-Heroes Con 2015

Last weekend was Heroes Con, and it was a blast! I was super happy to sell mostly books the whole weekend. Comics are my foremost focus, so to be able to say my table was successful from book sales almost solely was really good. I sold out of copies of Requiem Sonata and Curse of the Eel, which I'll need to reprint some by SPX, my plan is to get Requiem chapters 1-2 printed together to save money  and keep costs down. But yes! Thanks to everyone who came by the table, whether you bought anything or not, your kind words mean the world to me.

Here are some commissions I did over the weekend, sadly I didn't get photos of every piece. I hope you'll consider commissioning me again, and commissions are currently open! Here is my info:

Sketchcard 4x5in: $5
Single color and/or B&W 6x8.5in: $10
Full color 6x8.5in: $20
Single color and/or B&W 8.5x12in: $30
Full color 8.5x12in: $40

If you would like me to ship your commission to you, it'll be $1 for every sketchcard, $2 for every 6x8.5in piece and $3 for every 8.5x12in piece. Email me at if you're interested!

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