Monday, December 8, 2014

Curse of the Eel chapter 3 pencils

So this one took me a while to get to. While I've been planning it out and and working on it when possible since June, but I think I needed a break from drawing this large so I could recharge. I ended up spending so much time from it that returning to 11x17 pages was a treat and a joy. I haven't done many touch ups on the older pages, partially out of laziness but more out of wanting to let my inks do the fixing.

I can't wait to ink these, I'm going to use a tandem of brush and Zebra brush pens. I look forward to the challenge.


  1. I love the pencils (personally I prefer them over inks), the story looks like it will be a fluid read narration-wise.
    to tell the truth I'm very interested in reading the whole story - unfortunately I have access only to what you post online.

    1. Thank you! Well right now all I have is the internet as far as publishing goes, but I also have no problem sending you a book when I have one printed and done =D I hope at least you'll enjoy the journey on here towards print!

    2. I have no problem in reading stuff on-line. of course it would be great to have printed copies on the shelf but, unfortunately, shipping books from USofA to Europe would cost a fortune!

    3. We can work something out =D I've shipped some paintings to Europe and it hasn't been a really huge increase in cost, so books shouldn't be much different.


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