Monday, June 16, 2014

The Caverns, cover and 5 page preview

So first, let me explain why I even did this: because I had to. I LOVE art, not just comics but all media: watercolor, pastel, charcoal, etc. If I can draw with it, I want to learn how to use it, because that informs my comics. So after telling myself I wanted to do something again with markers and watercolor, it wasn't until I picked up the Fifth Beetle by the amazing Andrew Robinson that I got excited enough to really hammer a story down to give these "mixed media comic" think a try! Since I was reading a lot of Lovecraft tales at the time, I decided to make a horror story.

Now for the what: The story is about a failed detective, booted out of the force and his badge taken from him. Why? You'd have to read it to figure out. He hears about a missing child named Anne, who vanished without a trace from an abandoned home in her neighborhood. He goes looking for clues thinking this could be his way back into the force. And he finds more than he expected in that house.

The comic has 2 distinct realms, one rendered with Copic markers, the other in watercolor. I also played around with comics flow and readability to try some solutions to a few interesting reading gimmicks. Remember when books asked you to turn them clockwise and hte pages read top to bottom? I'm giving that a try, and from the people who have read it so far have said, it works well. It's not forced like I feared, but you'll have to decide for yourself!

I'm aiming to have this book at Heroes Con this weekend, but I need to call my printer and see if that'll happen. If not, I'll print it up and sell it on my sites as well as on my online store. If you can make it to Heroes Con I'll be set up with Crystal Jayme at table #1621. Come check us out and pick up some fun comic books!!!

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