Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heroes Con

Heroes Con was a great experience for me. I met a lot of great creators and got to talk shop with people I never would have if I was still back in El Paso as a security guard. I got some really helpful portfolio reviews from some of my favorite artists and I feel jazzed up and excited to work again. I'm currently on a project now that I can't really discuss, but I promise to start putting up new content and art work soon. For the moment though, here are 2 short one page comics about weird little things that happened to me that I thought would be fun to share.


  1. Wow...the above stuff has A LOT OF LIFE! If you can find a way not to lose that in your finishes I believe you'll really be onto something.

    One way to try and hold onto it is to ink it at this stage as if you were drawing without being super-careful of following the pencils. Either with an overlay or printed out in blue.

    You could ink it a couple times or just one panel over and over until you had several to compare against. Even try holding the brush further back on the handle, as if you were painting with ink.

    Just a few thoughts to consider as you move forward.

    Good meeting you and good luck.


    1. Thank you, I've gotten comments like my inking not having as much life as my pencils so anything I can do to preserve that is helpful. I'll definitely try holding the brush further back next time I print up some blue lines, the painting with ink idea sounds like fun.

      Thanks for the comments and it was great meeting you. Our conversation was really eye opening and I took a lot away from it. I hope to see you again and hopefully I'll have a better portfolio to show you.


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